Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby food spice containers

So I saw these way cute spice jars made from baby food jars. I have been saving my jars because I new they would be useful for something. Chris has been hounding me to do something with them or he is going to throw them away. So just in the nick of time. I can't remember where I saw these but she had them on her fridge or you could get a metal sheet and hang it on your wall. I have this hidious oven hood that doesn't work. So now it is useful as my spice shelf.
And if anyone has some other ideas to use up my cabinet full of jars let me know, also you can have some if you would like. I could even do a giveaway of the spice labels made from vinyl.


  1. Yessssss. . . . do a giveaway with some vinyl labels. . . .but let me win :)
    That is a super cute idea. The jar size is just perfect to sit on an oven hood.

  2. Well your the only comment so your odds are lookin really good.

  3. oh my heck JOY!!!! That is so dang cute. Why didn't you tell me before I threw my jars away! lol. of course do a giveaway of vinyl!

  4. congrats to my 2 response's I couldn't eliminate one so both are winners