Saturday, January 8, 2011

{Love Stitched}: Exercise {{tips}} jump start your body!!

{Love Stitched}: Exercise {{tips}} jump start your body!!: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"
Today we are focusing on EXERCISE and if you are ANYTHING like needs to be quick...not boring and EASY to do!
So I have TWO great options for you today from the girls of PEACE.LOVE.FITNESS blog who teach classes out in California :) 

All you will need is some medium weighted dumbbells.

Resistance Training + Intervals

Warm-up- 15 minute brisk walk outside.
Get your fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine.

15 Push-ups on your toes or modify it on your knees
25 Jumping jacks

15 Lunges
25 Jumping jacks

15 Military shoulder presses  
25 Jumping jacks

15 Mountain Climbers  25 Jumping jacks

Repeat 2-3x

Cool Down 15 minute walk

~this work out routine was brought to you by Ashley Howard 

So for your run today or tomorrow begin intervals. These can be done on a treadmill, outside on your favorite running trail, or on a track.

Warm-up: 10 minutes easy walk/jog

Interval Outside:
If you are not on a piece of cardio equipment, get yourself up to a speed that you feel is only manageable for 10 seconds minimum to 30 seconds maximum, but you are still in control i.e. 100 meter dash.

Interval on Cardio Equipment:
If you are doing your intervals on a piece of cardio equipment like a treadmill, resistance is a must when you are sprinting. If you are on a treadmill, add a 2.0 incline. If you are on a elliptical or bicycle add enough resistance to feel as though you are climbing up a hill. Then complete your sprint with speed + resistance, for 10 seconds minimum to 30 seconds maximum.

1-2 minute walk in between each interval until your heart rate comes down or you can carry a conversation easily.

Repeat 3-5x
- Repeat 1 interval to 1 rest period

Cool Down:
Once you have completed 3-5 intervals and rest, cool down by walking 5 minutes and don't forget to stretch!

~ This exercise routine is brought to you by Rachel Russell 
Thanks so much girls for these great exercise tips ~ hopefully we can all get a little more exercise into our daily lives~
Be sure to head over and visit their blog for other great tips, recipes, and healthy eating ideas!

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